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I had the pleasure of chatting to two of our Uniformed Public Services students, Laura Kilty and Jack Barber, who are both finishing a Level 3 Extended Diploma in Uniformed Public Services. This is a disciplined and challenging 2 year course that is designed to prepare young people for entry into the Emergency Services or Armed Forces. 

Laura is a hard working student and has 2 volunteer jobs. She supports the police on the biometrics side of police recruitment, doing DNA, fingerprints, etc. and is also a Deputy Unit Leader at Guildford Police Cadets, organising police-related training, drills, sport and team building activities and she is head of safeguarding within the cadet unit.i

Jack is a dedicated student who likes to work hard and have time for sport. He plays on a hockey team and has matches most weekends.

Laura Kilty

Let’s start with Laura:

Have you always known what you wanted to do?

“For a long time I didn’t know 100% what I wanted to do. I didn’t have much involvement with the police, but I always found them a positive influence and I started to think I would like to be one of them.”

Why did you choose Brooklands College?

“I moved around a lot within the UK and overseas, so schooling was quite unsettled. I did start A Levels, but it wasn’t for me and I felt I needed something different. I started an online Public Services course which I enjoyed and I started thinking more about what I wanted to do. I discovered that Brooklands College offered something similar to the online course I had started, so I applied.  Brooklands College is not local to where I live, but Phil, the tutor at the time was so supportive that I took the chance and started the course in October. It takes me an hour to get to college, which can be challenging sometimes, but it actually makes me spend more time at college as I do longer days and get my coursework done at college.

What did you like about the course?

“The A Level route wasn’t right for me. This course provided the right learning environment for me as well as the education and physical training skills needed for my future.”

I have been happy at Brooklands College from Day 1. The teachers have been supportive, which has made me want to give 110% on everything.

Were there any challenges?

“It was quite challenging as there were a lot of changes of teachers, but those that have stayed have been so supportive. I actually think it has made us stronger as a group because all the students have supported each other and there is great teamwork.”

What are your next steps?

“I have been accepted into the Police and have a start date of June 2024 to begin my Police Constable Degree Apprenticeship (PCDA). I delayed my start date because I have taken up an offer to go to Canada for 6 months and teach snowboarding from November to April. I am only 18 and I thought it would be good to do this first and the police have agreed that it would be a great experience for me.”

Jack Barber

And now Jack:

Have you always known what you wanted to do?

“I always had an idea about wanting to be a police officer. I wasn’t exactly sure which route I was going to take to get there, but it was always something I wanted to do.”

Why did you choose Brooklands College?

“I first heard about the course when Brooklands College came to my school, Matthew Arnold School. That got me interested so I came along to an Open Event and spoke to tutors. I really liked that the teachers are ex-public service and they know what level we need to be at to achieve success.”

What did you like about the course?

“I was a bit worried at first about doing a BTEC and not going through A Levels. There is still a lot of stigma around not doing A Levels, but this course was 100% the right course me and gave me the education and training I needed. Training and being outdoors was good too. I enjoyed the expedition to the New Forest. It wasn’t easy but it was great training and we had fun. The tutors are really supportive too. I know I could go to them for support and guidance any time.”

Because the course is 3 days a week, it means I can work and study and still play hockey at the weekends. It’s the perfect balance for me to be able to work, study and have a hobby.

Were there any challenges?

“It has been difficult at times with some of the staff changes, but that has actually made us come closer as a group and the tutors understand the situation and have been really supportive. It did mean we had to spend a bit more time in the classroom because we had to catch up on some work, but actually this was fine.”

What are your next steps?

“There are 5 stages to the Police application process. I am at stage 4 and have an interview at the end of this week. If that goes well then I should get a conditional offer for intake in September or January. So it’s an important week for me.”

“The Police Constable Degree Apprenticeship takes 3 years. It is great way to enter the police force. I will be a police officer from the start and it means I can earn and learn.”

Thank you so much Laura and Jack for chatting to me. You have worked so hard and I look forward to hearing great things about you both in the future.

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