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We Passed!

Congratulations to our students picking up their GCSE English & Mathematics re-sit results last week! It’s highly rewarding to have a part in helping dreams come true. We caught up with a couple of our successful students, Michael and Katy.

Name: Michael 

Course: L2 City & Guilds Manufacturing – Engineering

Career Ambition: RAF – Cyberspace Communications


My teacher said: if you really put the effort in and do the re-sit, you’ll be able to pass it easily.

I’ve already done my Airman Selection test and they said I’m liable, but it just means that I don’t have to do an extra interview. I can go straight into the training.

I chose this year to get my driving etc… Enjoy my teenage life before I go off, because you have to do 4 years. 

Would you recommend Brooklands College?

Hell yeah! Definitely. I love it. Last year, I started off in a sixth form and it just wasn’t for me. I usually have Mondays off, that Monday off has given me so much more time – you don’t have to stress with the 4/5 days. That’s more time for me to work as well. 

Enjoyed the course?

Definitely. In secondary school you might have people that you don’t get along with, but here if you just go up to someone and ask them, they’ll talk to you. You don’t have any issues with anyone, it’s just lovely.

I’ve got so many mates in different groups. If the secondary school version of me were to go up to them, I wouldn’t think that I’d be able to get along with them, but I do. I still talk to my friends from last year as well, I meet up with them every Saturday, it’s nice.

Name: Katy

Course: L3 Health & Social Care

Career Ambition: Nursing – Children’s Nurse


I was so nervous. I didn’t think I’d pass it. I don’t know why because, when I came out, it was alright. I want to become a Children’s Nurse, so I needed it to go into university and I’ve got it!

Would you recommend Brooklands College?

Yeah. I know loads of people who have gone here. 

Enjoyed the course?

I really like the course. I really like just seeing everybody. It’s something that I want to do and I’m actually enjoying it now whereas my GCSE’s I didn’t really want to do them as much as this. I’m doing something for myself for once. 

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