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Welsh Guards Visit

The Welsh Guards kindly visited our Level 3 and our HNC students in the recent term. The aim of their visit was to further the students’ knowledge regarding surveillance and techniques along with understanding the correct protocol for operating during a surveillance stint. 

WO2 Dean Hughes gave the students a brief insight into his expertise and training in the field of surveillance and followed on by teaching the students certain techniques that would be employed across the board in relation to surveillance. The students were then given a ‘suspect package’ in which a single man unknown to them was their target and it was their duty to spotmap the college, positioning themselves in order to watch the individual in question and liaise with all teams with any relevant information. 

After this the students were shown a brilliant video about the inner workings of weapons and how bullets are actually constructed and propelled through a weapon. Then they were shown in person all weapons that the Welsh Guards use ranging from handguns to sniper rifles. This allowed the students to gain an understanding of what weapon is used in what scenarios and actually speak to the soldiers who are trained in this field and use them almost everyday.

Finally the students were taken to the exterior of the Edge building where there is some decent foliage and were tasked with ‘find the sniper’. Hidden in the bush line was a sniper, camouflaged into the foliage in order to highlight how advanced the army’s techniques are and not one student found him. 

We are incredibly grateful for the time and effort that the soldiers and especially WO2 Hughes put into the day. The students absolutely loved it with brilliant feedback and some wanting to join the army. It was a first hand insight into something that not many people would ever be able to experience and the students walked away with some everyday skills too.

Article written by Destiny Sedlacek, Applied Science lecturer 

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