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The Sky’s the Limit

Meet Lauren Buckland, one of our Aviation, Travel & Tourism Level 3 students. Lauren is in her 2nd year and absolutely loving her studies at Brooklands College. She has recently enjoyed amazing work experience with British Airways and I had the pleasure to chat to her about this.

Lauren has always had a passion for travel and seeing the world. She was lucky enough to have family in the Caribbean and after a trip to Turks & Caicos in 2018 and enjoying the water, scuba diving and travelling around she decided a career in travel was right for her. 

Lauren Buckland travel and tourism

Why did you choose Brooklands College?

“I went to a number of Open Events at different colleges to see what I thought. I really liked Brooklands College because the tutors were so passionate. Kelly and Maria talked to me about the different aspects of the course, what we would learn and where it could take us in our career. It sounded exactly like the course I was looking for.”

Are you happy you chose this course?

“Absolutely. When I was at school I knew that A Levels wasn’t right for me and I wanted a career in the travel industry. I have worked so hard on this course and the support from the tutors is fantastic. I passed last year with distinction and the highest in class. I am so excited about this year because this year is cabin crew. It is a great incentive to be able to train in the cabin room in the second year.”

How has the course helped you?

“I used to be so nervous, but I have grown in confidence. With the support of the tutors we are encouraged to take part in events and speaking in public. The Travel & Tourism Exhibition was great because we had to prepare our stands and talk to visitors. I did Turks and Caicos and prepared a presentation and brought in items to display and talk about. I really enjoyed it.”

What do you like about the course?

“The Level 3 Extended Diploma is 3 days a week studying, which means we have time to work. We are supposed to have a job in the travel or hospitality industry to gain relevant work experience. In between studies I work at a university in a bar and on the events side. I think this course provides a great balance between learning and earning. It is also a great way to get into an industry I am passionate about.”

I would be a completely different person if I didn’t come to Brooklands. I have grown in confidence and am keen to learn new things and do my best.

Tell me about your work experience?

I had a week’s work experience at British Airways Headquarters in Heathrow Airport. I was in Airport Operations and airside. It was an amazing opportunity and I loved every minute of it.

How did you get the work experience?

I applied for the British Airways work experience in April last year. I had to complete different modules and assignments outside of college. I didn’t mind the extra work because I really wanted to be offered a place. It is not easy to get work experience there, so I was delighted when I was offered a place.

Why British Airways?

“Ever since I flew to the Caribbean in 2018 with British Airways I wanted to work for them. I watched the cabin crew and decided that I wanted to be British Airways cabin crew one day. British Airways have really high standards and morals, which resonates with me. These high standards are transferable too. I feel if you work at British Airways then you can work anywhere.”

Lauren is passionate about the industry, hard-working, dedicated and deserves every opportunity that comes her way. The sky’s the limit for this young lady!

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