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Lights, Camera, Action!

Christian Hatherall-Good, head of curriculum for Construction at Brooklands College and previously a Bricklayer by trade, featured as the guest speaker in episode 6 of The Lucas Show, a fortnightly magazine-style show focussed around the Construction industry and business.

The episode visits Brooklands College’s Weybridge campus to meet Bricklaying students Charlotte Springer and NVQ2 apprentice Naomi Hamilton to highlight the shift in perception of women in the Construction industry and the skills shortage facing the sector.

Over a number of years, Christian and his team have worked hard to build relationships with sponsors supplying materials as well as partnering with companies to maximise employment opportunities and placements for students.

Christian admires the “satisfying” feeling with the journey of new students learning how to safely and effectively use the tools and lay their first brick to completing the course and observing their work on a building site.

Watch the video below.

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