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Engaging GCSE Students

Struggling to engage GCSE students? Brooklands College GCSE Lecturer Tom Vines shares with TES magazine how encouraging students to write their own papers had a positive impact on their enthusiasm.

We, as a College, are always working on adapting our teaching methods to suit students and give them the best possible opportunities to achieve their goals. Tom Vines completely twisted the rulebook with this ingenious approach. 

“I realised that the most energised lessons I’d had with my students were the ones where I allowed them to vent their frustrations about having to come to my lessons in the first place…”

Many further education providers will know that it can be a difficult task to engage students with their necessary GCSE education. So, to hand them the ropes and develop that sense of co-operative understanding really helped to gain their attention and revive an interest for the subject. 

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