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Finding Alice (at Brooklands College!)

The new ITV drama brings together light humour with a gripping murder mystery plot line. Notable cast members include Keeley Hawes, Joanna Lumley, Nigel Havers and Sharon Rooney. And, the filming location? Eagle-eyed viewers will spot scenes shot at our very own Weybridge campus! 

The crew spent some time in 2020 filming the new series utilising our beautiful campus grounds and natural surroundings. A few of the scenes were even filmed inside our main reception! During further filming in the local area, the production team continued to use the Weybridge campus as a unit base and were grateful to the college for the assistance. 

Finding Alice has just started airing on ITV, Sundays at 9pm. Viewers can also watch the entire series now on ITV Hub. 

Brooklands College is mentioned on Surrey Live

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