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Sue’s RAF Cake

The RAF Small Arms Association turned 100 this year and to commemorate the occasion, our Hospitality & Catering Lecturer Susan Haskell presented the Association with a special cake for their celebrations. 

“I was happy to help out!” Sue stated. “I was asked to make the cake by the Worshipful Company of Baker’s – one of the old livery companies of London – they go back to about the 12th century and have a hall near the Tower of London. The person who requested it was a past master and now works with the RAFSAA.”

The cake was baked and decorated with military precision including the RAF’s signature red, white and blue colours. The top decoration was pressure piped which is a technique that Sue teaches Level 3 students. It also had ornate decorative borders and featured the organisation’s emblem.

The RAF Small Arms Association expressed their gratitude for this donation and commented that it suited the occasion and tasted good. Air Vice Marshall Harvey Smyth was given the honour of cutting the cake, he is a fighter pilot by training having flown Harrier, Tornados and the new F35. Since their event, the Association have kindly given a donation of £150 to the Brooklands College Catering department to help with learning activities. 

The Association aims ‘to promote military efficiency by fostering interest in small arms shooting by means of individual and collective competitions, thereby raising the standard and efficiency in the use of small arms’. 

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