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University & Me: Vinod, Jamie, Cillian, Sephora & Jonathan

The option of going to university can present itself in many ways. It may be something you’ve always dreamed about doing, it could be essential for the career you’d like to go into, or it just ends up being a natural stage of progression. 

Ready to head off to university, Level 3 Media students Vinod, Jamie, Cillian, Sephora and Jonothan share their story. 

Vinod enjoys working as a team in the College course. When deciding to go to university, he mentions, “I wanted to get more experience. Things you haven’t learned yet, you can learn in university.” Vinod has received a Pass and will be studying Film Production at Kingston University. He intends to progress into a career of independent filmmaking. “I like to do a lot of freelance filmmaking for different people such as music videos and weddings. That can build me up for the future to make films.”

Jamie has received a Distinction and will be studying 3D Animation at the University of Chichester. “The university offers a niche course that I couldn’t find anywhere else.” He wishes to become a visual effects artist in the future. 

Cillian expresses why he likes studying at the College,  “the freedom of the course gives you the opportunity to do whatever it is you want to do.” Cillian gained good results and will be studying Digital Film Production at Ravensbourne University London. “I’m choosing to go to university for the experience of growing up and starting my own career… Moving somewhere else and having to survive, network with different people and integrate with a different town.” When asked about his ambitions he says, “independent filmmaker – that’s the big plan. I’d start with smaller jobs (churches, schools, etc), move onto bigger projects such as advertisements and then further up until I can support myself making my own films.”

Sephora likes the variety of her College course, she received good results and will be studying Marketing at the University of Roehampton. “I think it’s the first time I really get to pick what I want to do, and where I want to go – I have more control of it.” She would like to continue in the route of marketing in the future, “I want to work in a company and help them to market their products, and eventually work in advertising… Also, I’d like to say a special thank you to all of my teachers who taught me at Brooklands College.”

Jonathan has gained a Merit and will be going on to study Digital Technology at the University of Chichester. When asked why he chose university, he explains that it will give him “a chance to improve and see how the industry works.” He intends to work in post-production in the future, “being able to tweak things in editing  and understand filming.”

When the students were asked if they would recommend studying at Brooklands College, It was a resounding YES, YES, YES! “It’s been good… All of us are now friends. We’ve got that connection with fellow students if we need it in the future.”

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