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We Remember…

Regardless of the national pandemic and any limitations – we still remember. 

Lest we forget… At the 11th hour on the 11th day of the 11th month, our staff & students joined the UK participating in a 2 minutes silence to remember our fallen war heroes. 

Brooklands College paid its respects to the fallen of two World Wars and subsequent conflicts at 11.00am on Wednesday 11 November 2020.  This is the exact time the guns of World War 1 fell silent at the end of “The War to end all Wars”.  

Principal Christine Ricketts led the College in its Act of Remembrance by laying a wreath by our College monument.  She was then accompanied by two Uniformed Public Service students who placed Poppy Crosses on behalf of the students at Brooklands College.   

The monument was also respectfully decorated with commemorative pebbles which have been painted by our Headstart students. As part of their Citizenship programme, the students study the history and culture of the UK including important days in the calendar. They studied the origin of the Remembrance Day and why people wear poppies. This year, to commemorate the day, with all the parades cancelled, the department decided to paint poppy designs on pebbles. “We were amazed at the quality of the art produced and we definitely have real artists amongst us. Art has always been an important part of the programme as it seems to break barriers, helps to express feelings and works beyond borders and languages.” Aga, ESOL Lecturer

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