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Advanced Learner Loan and Bursary

What is the Advanced Learner Loan?
Advanced Learner Loans are there to help learners aged 19 and over to cover the cost of course fees of a level 3, 4, 5 and 6 college or training course. The course must have started on or after 1st August 2016. Your loan application will last for the duration of the course so there is no need to reapply if your course is longer than a year.

Who is eligible?
Learners aged 19 or above (at the start of their course) and who are resident in the UK and studying an eligible Level 3, 4, 5 or 6 course.

Does the loan depend on my income or credit history?
No, the loan doesn’t depend on your income and no credit checks are carried out.

Do I have to take out an Advanced Learner Loan?
No, it’s up to you to decide on your best option, depending on your circumstances.

How much will I get?
The amount you’ll receive depends on:

  • the type of course
  • the course fees
  • the maximum loan available for your course

The minimum loan you can get is £300. You don’t have to borrow the full amount of your course fees, you can pay for some of it yourself.

How many loans can I take out?
Unless you are studying an Access to HE Diploma you are entitled to access up to four loans which you can take out one after the other or at the same time. You can only access one loan to complete the Access to HE Diploma.

How is the loan paid?
The funds are paid directly to the college.

When do I have to pay back my loan?
Repayments don’t start until the April after your course has finished and you don’t have to pay anything back until you earn more than £27,295.

What you’ll repay

Repayments are based on your income, not on what you borrow or the number of student loans you have. This is known as an ‘income contingent’ repayment.

You’ll repay 9% of your income over £27,295 a year. Even if your income doesn’t exceed £27,295 a year but is over £524 a week or £2,274 a month at any point in the year (e.g. if you work overtime) then a loan deduction will be made.

For example, if you’re paid monthly and earn £2,500 before tax you’d repay 9% of the difference between what you earn and what the threshold is:

£2,500 – £2,274 = £226

9% of £226 = £20.34

So your student loan repayment would be £20 in that month.

If your income changes, either rising or falling, your repayment amounts will automatically change to reflect this. A different threshold may apply if you move to live in a country outside the UK. Page 10 explains this in more detail.

For more Advanced Learner loan information please follow link below

Bursary fund
If you need help with your learning or living costs, you may also be eligible for money from the Advanced Learner Loan Bursary Fund. The money can help with things such as: childcare costs*, accommodation, travel, classroom assistance for a learning difficulty or disability, course materials/equipment. You need to apply to the college directly for the Bursary Fund. You can apply once you have received a letter confirming your Advanced Learner Loan.

*Learners aged under 20 on the first day of learning must apply to the ‘care to learn’ programme.

For more information contact our Admissions Team

Tel: 01932 558990

Click here for further information on how to apply for an Advanced Learner Loan.


Brooklands Process for Instalments for Adult Learning Fees

If you are signing up for an adult learning course you are able to pay in instalments. 

The first instalment should include the £25 administration charge. Debit/credit card details must be provided so that instalments can be taken at an arranged date automatically.

Brooklands College cannot arrange payment by instalments retrospectively.

Enrolling at Brooklands

  • You will be permitted to enrol initially without your loan in place
  • You will be required to complete a Direct Debit mandate and instalment plan in the first instance until your loan is approved by SLC
  • You will be expected to pay a £25 Registration fee to get enrolled and then our finance will do a plan for instalments. 
  • If your Advanced Learner loan remains unapproved by November, Finance will take the first instalment amount as agreed.   
  • At Enrolment please inform the Admissions staff that you require a loan letter and we will set your details aside and will email you the letter by the end of the week. 
  • If for any reason you do not hear from us please contact Admissions
  • Once you have had your loan agreed you will need to bring in a copy of your loan agreement to our Finance Department, who will then cancel the Direct Debit Mandate and cancel any payment plan in place.
  • If you have a loan approved you may be eligible to apply for an Advanced Learner Loan bursary if you are on an income of less than £25,000.   You will need a copy of your loan approval letter and submit this with a Bursary application, which is available from the Admissions office,
  • A Bursary will not be approved unless you have secured your loan, so please forward a copy of your loan agreement to Admissions as soon as you receive it. 
  • The Bursary will offer a contribution towards financial support for travel costs, childcare costs and any non-compulsory course items and equipment


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