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Is free movement allowed across campus?

Staff and students should as a rule remain in their immediate work locations for the duration of the day and only go to another location if they have a pre-arranged appointment or meeting.  

At Brooklands we two groupings of “bubbles” that have been called social bubbles and super bubbles. Social bubbles are the classes for the main learning aim that the student is studying and the average class size is 15 – which is below the DfE recommendation of 30 that it has given secondary schools. Super bubbles then include the students in the English and maths class. These have been timetabled in the same department of the same floor in the same building. This will increase the social bubble to a maximum of 50 learners, again distinctly less than the 100 the DfE recommended for year group bubbles. English and Maths teachers have been allocated to curriculum areas so their mixing with a large amount of other groups has been reduced as much as possible with over 50% of their contact with the students being remote.

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