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A Successful Return

Following the government announcement on Monday 22nd February, just like every other UK education provider, we began preparations to ensure students have a safe return to site. Lecturers started working on the transition for those returning to continue their practical training and, simultaneously, we all got ready for COVID testing. 

During the first week back, commencing 8th March, students were only allowed on site to have their tests done whilst staff received at-home testing kits. To help us administer the lateral flow tests to students and maintain the testing centre, we reached out to the community for volunteers and we were astonished by an unprecedented response. 

“Brooklands College has got this right – taking care of the registration and administration side of testing so the students don’t need to worry and be anxious about it.” Great feedback from a parent volunteer in our testing centre

“It’s all been seamless because we’ve had the training and they’ve kept us up-to-date with everything that’s going on. The students seem to be very receptive as well.” Lillian, volunteer 

“it’s just been really nice to be involved, and all the staff who work here have been very welcoming to us. We’ve all mucked in together and it’s worked well. Hopefully, it’s good for the college to try and get as many students tested as possible and gives everyone peace of mind. “ Vicky, volunteer 

Thank you to all of our incredible community volunteers helping us to carry out COVID testing for students in a safe & efficient manner. We would also like to thank our students who have been showing responsibility for themselves and for others.

“What an incredible week – there has been so much praise and positive feedback from students & college team members on how our volunteers have all contributed both in terms of technical application but also how they’ve acted with empathy towards our students, making them feel looked after and reassured during their first covid tests.” Health & Safety Advisor, Lee Holloway, commends the excellent collaborative effort demonstrated by all of those involved, coming together in a short space of time to provide assistance. “This has given our students the confidence to test in the future and has undoubtedly increased the future uptake of our home test kit offer. which can only positively impact the College’s efforts against the pandemic.” 

From the week commencing 15th March, students have been delighted to return to our campuses for their lessons. The college is a buzz with activity and happy faces – students learning in a safe environment. 

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