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Forensic Science

Forensic science is the application of knowledge to answer criminal law decisions involving science.  The interest in forensic science had grown significantly in recent years and to increased media coverage and popular TV programmes.  The introduction to Forensic Science course will help you gain a thorough understanding of relevant aspects of crime scene examination, human anatomy and physiology, as well as an introduction to the world of forensics.

By the end of the course you will have a good understanding of some of the processes involved in forensic science from the crime scene to the courtroom.  You will also have developed a range of skills associated with retrieving and interpreting information from a variety of sources.  At the end of the course you will be given a case study and other information about a particular crime or crimes to analyse the processes and results.

The Chartered Society of Forensic Science

The Brooklands College Forensic Science department are delighted to have received a certificate of endorsement from the Chartered Society of Forensic Science

The society who represents forensic sciences world-wide is the body who sets high professional standards for this field of work.  During their visit to Brooklands College Weybridge campus, they were particularly impressed with a number of things relating to the college‚Äôs Forensics course including:

1. The range of forensic topics delivered to the students
2. The opportunity to visit various courts of law (such as Magistrates, Crown and Old Bailey) was excellent for the students and the availability of the legal personnel within the court e.g. the judge taking time to discuss with the students was commendable.
3. The College makes good use of its extensive grounds for outdoor crime scene work. There was a good range of facilities including indoor scenes with CCTV, vehicles and a mock courtroom.
4. Staff at the college are actively involved in the development of the future BTEC awards.

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